Youth II

When my mother sent me to live with my step father it was under the premise of a summertime visit. She told me I would be going up to Oregon to see my brother & I was ok with it. I had not seen him for a couple of years & I looked forward to the vacation. When I arrived I found out a lot more about the situation than I previously knew. My father had 7 – 8 foster children all the time. He had a wife who had her own children as well as a daughter with his new wife. There were people everywhere. I should have had a much better life when I move up to my dad’s & in many ways I did. I never had to go to bed hungry because we could not afford food anymore. I did however, have to go to bed on several occasions as punishment for offending my step mother in some way.

You see, once I moved to my step dad’s I learned the truth about people quickly. I came to find out what it was my mother has sheltered me from. It turns out that there are many people in the world who have no better sense than to make other people suffer for their own selfish reasons. My step mother seemed to enjoy making me miserable. Worse yet, she had children living with us who were treated in a totally different fashion. There is nothing worse than growing up watching somebody being treated like gold when you are made to suffer regularly. I could barely stand my time there for the 3 months of summer break & after that my mother called me from an unfamiliar phone number & said she moved out of the state where she used to live. She said I would be living with my father from then on & that she hoped I would be happy. She did not take the time to listen to my problems. She just let me go. I thought that all of the things she had learned from her teacher would have helped her see that I needed her. But instead it just left me wishing I could take the lessons Faye had left her and apply them to my own life. The thing is when you’re a child is that it’s a lot harder to have that kind of control of your life and so you have to deal with the cards that you’re handed.

I spent the next 4 years basically in a minimum security prison. I had a motion detector placed in my room & in the hall outside of my room. I was treated almost exactly like a foster child with the exception that they were not made to do manual labor on the farm. I was regularly getting up before sunrise for school & working until after dark in the fields. There is much that can be said that is good about this as well, such as, I learned a great work ethic. I was miserable & as soon as I could I left that place & never looked back. I promised myself that I would never make anyone suffer the way I had.

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