Oh, to be young again. Not only to be young nut to be young with the knowledge I now have, what a different story it would be. I remember being young & carefree. When I really had no idea of the stress that the world would soon bring into my life. I had an ok childhood. My mother tried her best to keep me sheltered from everything until she could no longer do so. Then she sent me to live with my father when I was about to be a teenager. While she had me I did not have too much contact with my father. I got to see him once in a great while. Every few years if I was lucky. He did not help to raise my brother & I when we were younger but he did his part once we went to live at his house.

I will always remember the day we moved from Baltimore’s east side to the central city. It was a short distance by car, but it always seemed like a long distance when I was a kid. During the move, my dad got into a heated argument with the Baltimore movers my mother hired because he thought some of our stuff was missing. I think we just forgot to pack those items, but he was convinced that my mother would not have forgotten them. I remember feeling bad for the poor schleps.

While I lived with my mother through my childhood I did not have many of the luxuries that other kids my age had, like dinner every night. We were being supported by a single mother who had little to no education when she had my brother & I. She was on welfare much of my childhood & she tried to work doing wherever she could find it to supplement where the government fell short. While she was raising us & working she put herself through school. She got a degree in early childhood education after which she became a pre school teacher. She was always best at interacting with children. I am very thankful that my mother gave my such a strong foundation in early life. She prepared me for much of what I would come to face. Unfortunately, she was lacking in the ability to interact with older people, especially men. Through no fault of her own she never learned the social skills needed to handle such a complex issue.

As she got older, she moved out west, where marijuana growers were starting to become legal. She had always had quite a green thumb and began dabbling in learning more about the marijuana strains. This allowed her to become specialized and valuable to other growers around her. Although she remained a lonesome farmer- which is how she preferred to live, she was also recognized by others for her intelligence and determination.

My mother shipped my brother off to my dad’s house a little more than 2 years before she sent me. Looking back this happened for both my brother & I around the same time in life, just before we turned teenagers. Once I was got a bit older, my mother found it hard to reign me in. I would get into trouble & she really had no idea how to handle it. She spanked me on regular occasion but I grew large enough that she could no longer hurt me physically by spanking me. She was not equipped to maintain a position of authority through any other means so eventually she sent me to live with my dad too. I really did not like this at the time but looking back it was probably the best choice she had.

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